10 Reasons Why Larry David Should Be President

1. Started from the bottom now he's here! Larry is rich as fuck! Republicans will love that! Democrats will love it too because he's self-made. He didn't grow up a rich kid! Larry is middle class kid from Brooklyn all the way!

2. He's a job creator! As the Executive Producer and Creator of mega hits Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry is responsible for creating countless jobs, from set construction to craft services, Larry has employed a lot of people! These jobs are both private sector and union! Both conservatives and liberals should be creaming their jeans!

3. Is a friend to all Races!


4. Doesn't hesitate to call someone an asshole. You hear that, Putin? We all know he won't take shit from Magicians either!

5. Actually served his country! Not saying military service is a must, but his opponents will hesitate in trying to cast him as a soft Hollywood type. Not a single top candidate has served, and Larry wasn't drafted, he enlisted! Suck it, Trump!

6. Can detect a liar. Just try to pull one past LD during budget meetings, Paul Ryan.


7. He cares about the planet. Larry and his ex-wife have been major contributors to the NRDC. And he's not annoying about it like some people (Al Gore).

8. He's incredibly honest.


9. He supports Gay rights. "Not that there's anything wrong with that".

10. He has a curious mind and is an astute observer of the human condition. He may not be perfect, but when is comes to Presidential qualifications, he's pretty, pretty, pretty, good!

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